The rich cultural, natural, tangible and intangible heritage is our pride and the need of the hour is to promote and safeguard it. Protection of the heritage will pave the way for our future generations to know about our rich and glorious past.

The heritage of India inspires us and also creates awareness about the intricacies that are involved in its making. Whether it is the carvings on the walls or the tombs or the uniquely designed monuments, all these are pride of India and it is our whole and soul responsibility to preserve and promote it.

Heritage Society has taken itself the task to protect the country’s rich legacy and this will not be possible without support of each and every individual of this country. You can make your contribution being a part of this initiative which we have taken.

The monetary assistance provided by you will go a long way in our mission to show the world i.e. our glorious heritage. As we are doing our job, you can also join us by being a voluntarily working member for it. The Society is not merely a platform to protect our legacy but also lays the foundation to shape the future of the young guns who wants to work in this sphere.

About the Heritage Society

India’s rich heritage is its pride. To protect the culture and heritage, the Heritage Society was set up in 2016 under the Society Registration Act, 21, 1860. The objective of this society is to document, conserve, and promote tangible and intangible heritage through regular explorations, excavations, publications, and by undertaking different kinds of awareness programmes.

The society is working relentlessly towards protecting the artifacts and other monuments by increasing awareness among the local people. Active engagement of local people with us for which we are working to help them to get employment, it is empowering the women and small remote villages too as it is emerging as a favorite tourist destinations. Today, the people understood the need of hour to save our rich heritage. The Society is run by a secretariat consists of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other staffs.  

Our Mission

Heritage Society is a non-profit organization with the mission to tell the multi-layered stories of heritage through our several innovative activities such as Exploration, Documentation, Preservation, Promotion and Protection the pride of India- its cultural heritage.

The aim of the society is to involve more and more people in our endeavour to identify, protecting and conserving the heritage and culture of our past.

Our Vision

Heritage Society has been set up with the aim to make the people get aware about our country, get aware about the importance of our glorious past and working with them to safeguard/protect and promote our legacy which has been given to us by our forefathers and ancestors.

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Barabar Heritage Tour
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